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The Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs adopted the Rulebook on Preventive Measures for Safe and Healthy Work to Prevent the Occurrence and Spread of the Infectious Disease Epidemic (hereinafter: the Rulebook), which entered into force on July 11, 2020.

The Rulebook applies to all workplaces in the work environment in which the work is performed, except for field work and work from home. The employer is obligated to adopt a plan for implementation of measures to prevent the occurrence and spread of an epidemic of infectious diseases, for all jobs in the work environment (hereinafter: the Plan of Measures), which must be an integral part of the risk assessment act adopted in accordance with the law regulating safety and health at work.

The Plan of Measures should contain preventive measures and activities to prevent the outbreak of an infectious disease, the obligation of implementing and controlling the implementation of preventive measures and activities, as well as measures and activities to act in the event of an outbreak of an infectious disease.

The Rulebook regulates in detail the obligation of the employer to ensure the application of preventive measures at every workplace in the work environment, which includes written instruction and instructions on measures and procedures to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases, redistribution of working hours by introducing second and third shift with fewer employees, if work is not organized in shifts and in accordance with capabilities of the employer, as well as implementation of measures of enhanced hygiene and disinfection of work and auxiliary premises.

The employer is also required to develop guidelines for safe and healthy work with contractors, suppliers, distributors and external associates.

The effectiveness of application of safety and health measures of employees shall be checked by the person in charge of safety and health at work, who is now given an important role in the adoption and implementation of measures.

Taking into account the current possibility of spreading infectious disease, when organizing work process it is necessary to plan the implementation of preventive measures and determine responsibilities for control of implementation, which shall ensure improvement and a higher level of safety and health at work of employees and other persons.

We hereby point out the employers have 30 days to adopt a Plan of Measures i.e. no later than August 10, 2020. The goal of the Rulebook is to raise prevention, safety and health at work the highest level in order for business to continue unhindered and in accordance with the new situation.


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