Technology has changed the way the world operates. The legal and commercial implications are complex and rapidly-evolving. Given the fast growth of the IT sector worldwide, we are capable of providing clients with the legal and regulatory framework of the latest IT developments, at all times.

Vujinović & Djokić provides a wide range of legal services in relation to all aspects of IT. Our lawyers advise and represent clients in all matters regarding software and services, communications, cloud services, online content, licensing, it outsourcing, digital marketing in particular in industries such as e-commerce, video games, social media and online entertainment, blockchain and hardware sectors.

As many of our IT clients operate across borders and are in need of broader jurisdiction services, we are able to combine our resources and provide solutions in all of the Balkan region, and beyond. 

Besides technology transactions and cases, we also offer technology clients counsel on a broad range of related areas – from corporate transactions to IP protection and litigation, and including regulatory, tax, compliance, insurance, consumer protection, data protection and employment issues.