Banking and finance

The regulation of business operations in the banking and finance sector is underpinned by the constant balancing act between the need for a stable financial system and the protection of interests of financial services users. Working within the framework of stringent rules and business operations oversight, our team offers practical advice in solving issues arising from regular day-to-day work as well as issues common to the operations of financial entities.

Our lawyers have represented the interests of banks in thousands of proceedings before the courts.

V&Dj provides support and advice to its corporate clients in all types of financial arrangements and projects such as general loans, structural financing, capital investment, project financing, assumption and collection of NPL receivables, establishment and quality control of collaterals, and public-private partnerships.

Owing to our extensive experience in capital markets, we can provide immediate and pragmatic solutions to issues involving the trade and collection of receivables, their use in the field of capital and commercial operations, and in complex debt restructuring procedures.