Vujinović & Đokić provides services in a wide range of practice areas, offering its clients full legal support in establishing, developing and improving their business operations.

Corporate and commercial

In today’s fast-paced, information-driven corporate environment, making the right decision at the right moment is the key to success. Finding a balanced solution that is compatible with the general business policy of the company, but also legal and commercially seamless, is critical to corporate governance.

As counsel to large local and foreign companies, we have gained significant experience in consulting in all areas of corporate governance, compliance and the structuring of large corporates, allowing us to offer a ready, fast and efficient solution that will satisfy all a company's interests.

Members of our team have been involved in high-profile domestic and international transactions. We provide a comprehensive range of contract-related services, from negotiating and finding the most favourable solutions for the needs of a specific business venture to drafting the final documents and support in all legal aspects commercial contracting.

Banking and finance

The regulation of business operations in the banking and finance sector is underpinned by the constant balancing act between the need for a stable financial system and the protection of interests of financial services users. Working within the framework of stringent rules and business operations oversight, our team offers practical advice in solving issues arising from regular day-to-day work as well as issues common to the operations of financial entities.

Our lawyers have represented the interests of banks in thousands of proceedings before the courts.

V&Dj provides support and advice to its corporate clients in all types of financial arrangements and projects such as general loans, structural financing, capital investment, project financing, assumption and collection of NPL receivables, establishment and quality control of collaterals, and public-private partnerships.

Owing to our extensive experience in capital markets, we can provide immediate and pragmatic solutions to issues involving the trade and collection of receivables, their use in the field of capital and commercial operations, and in complex debt restructuring procedures.

Insolvency and restructuring

In crisis situations, conflicting interests of creditors and debtors can be surmounted by deploying the requisite measure of experience when weighing and selecting suitable compromise solutions.

Whether our client needs support in designing and negotiating stand-still arrangements, developing pre-packed insolvency reorganisation plans, or the goal is to protect creditor interests in insolvency proceedings and counter detrimental reorganisation plans, our team can provide practical, swift and efficient solutions and advice throughout the process.

We have specialist expertise with respect to trading in NPL receivables, as well as in the due diligence analysis of and trade in such investments, both in the field of commercial interest and secondary use.

Dispute resolution

When interests conflict, our team primarily focuses on the negotiation strategy and problem solving geared at avoiding disputes.

We have considerable experience in all dispute resolution mechanisms and their respective processes, from mediation for the purpose of finding a compromise and an amicable outcome to the initiation and management of most complex civil law and arbitration proceedings, with strategies tailored around the particulars of each case.

We provide legal protection to clients facing misdemeanour proceedings or corporate offences arising from doing business.

Real estate

Whether real estate or related issues are part and parcel of your business, it is inevitable that processed draped in red-tape will have to be addressed, which pose varying degrees of risk.

Our legal team has extensive experience in advising foreign and domestic investors on real estate transactions, as well as in the preparation of the necessary documentation and taking operational steps to implement business plans.

We provide our clients with comprehensive support aimed at the achievement of real-estate related business goals, such as: drafting and analysing business strategies, risk assessments, structuring, negotiations, financing, document drafting and liaising with competent authorities.

Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, in addition to full legal support, we also offer vital know-how that allows for the efficient, economic, and results-driven achievement of goals.

Labour law

The rights and obligations of employees and employers are regulated by mandatory legislation, but which often lacks clarity. It is precisely in this area of law that our legal team’s experience and years of practice comes to the fore in trouble shooting legislative loopholes.

We provide legal advice on the most appropriate ways of regulating the business relationship between employer and employee, within or without the employment framework, with particular specifics related to concrete job positions (e.g. managers),draft all necessary internal employment documents, participate in collective negotiations, provide all forms of assistance and support in formulating redundancy strategies and procedures, and represent employers and employees in proceedings before the competent authorities concerning the exercise of their rights, as well as in amicable settlement procedures.

Our many years of practice and extensive experience in this area provide clients with added value that goes beyond the scope of standard legal support.

Intellectual Property

The growth of information technologies has opened up new areas and ways to invest capital, while existing branches of the economy have become highly dependent on innovative IT solutions. The development of ideas and creations as values in modern business has opened the door to a sudden increase in calls to protect and legislate for transactions involving intellectual property rights.

Our team is highly specialised in the domain of intellectual property rights and information technologies, and the legal support that we provide covers an entire range of services in the field of trademarks, designs, copyrights and related rights, geographic indications of origin, patents, internet domains, protection and technology transfer. We are versed in identifying, registering, maintaining, licensing, fighting counterfeiting and piracy, managing national and international portfolios, all types of IP and IT disputes, as well as other proceedings before the competent authorities. Members of our team are official representatives before the Intellectual Property Office.

In cooperation with our local partners, we actively handle cases across the region.


Technology has changed the way the world operates. The legal and commercial implications are complex and rapidly-evolving. Given the fast growth of the IT sector worldwide, we are capable of providing clients with the legal and regulatory framework of the latest IT developments, at all times.

Vujinović & Djokić provides a wide range of legal services in relation to all aspects of IT. Our lawyers advise and represent clients in all matters regarding software and services, communications, cloud services, online content, licensing, it outsourcing, digital marketing in particular in industries such as e-commerce, video games, social media and online entertainment, blockchain and hardware sectors.

As many of our IT clients operate across borders and are in need of broader jurisdiction services, we are able to combine our resources and provide solutions in all of the Balkan region, and beyond. 

Besides technology transactions and cases, we also offer technology clients counsel on a broad range of related areas – from corporate transactions to IP protection and litigation, and including regulatory, tax, compliance, insurance, consumer protection, data protection and employment issues.

Media law

Experienced in media law, we provide a full-range of services covering regulatory requirements for the establishment and operation of media outlets, as well as advice on all aspects of agreements in this field, including broadcasting and issues related to copyright and personal rights.

Our team has successfully represented media outlets in a significant number of media disputes concerning information disclosure.

We have extensive experience in providing advice relating to advertising legislation and its application in various industries, especially focusing in respect of industries where advertising is restricted, such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco and gambling.

Data protection

The protection of one’s data and the obligation to protect the data of employees and business partners is a rudimentary facet of modern business driven by the heavy dependence on technology.

Our team can provide you comprehensive legal support to fully safeguard data and ensure compliance with statutory and contractual obligations relating to personal data protection.

Energy and natural resources

The V&Dj team has significant experience in projects related to energy and natural resources exploitation; we can provide complete legal support in this area, including a project-specific tailored approach.

Our energy and natural resource lawyers are experienced in due diligence analysis, resolving property rights issues, licensing, consulting and providing legal support in public-private partnership projects and concession agreements.

The specific nature of regulations in this field requires intimate knowledge of both the regulations themselves and the practical problems encountered in doing business. It is precisely these qualities that have allowed us to successfully guide our clients through a diverse portfolio of energy and infrastructure projects.